I thought I’d be polite and formally introuduce myself & my newly reinvented bake shop.  My name is Jaime and not only am I a 28 year old, superMOM mother of 2, I’m also a unique individual with a very different idea of how to run a bakery.

I came up with this really small idea when I was 16 years old, right in my mothers kitchen.  At that time I was making chocolate dipped pretzels with a few interesting toppings.  Within only a few short months, my little creations took off and I was making bank.  Well years have passed since then & I realized that what I was doing with the pretzels was possible to do with so many other delicious items. The best part of my new bakery is the fact that absolutely anything you can imagine up in your mind, we can make for you.  If you want a topping that’s not on our menu, no worries.  We love making customers exactly what they want. Nothing is too strange for us!  Especially after we have a topping called “chippy chonga” which is a mix of crunched Doritos, Cheetos & Potato Chips.

The name I setteled on is Sweet Little Imaginations.  I want people to come to place where literally they feel like they have endless choices of delicious concoctions/combinations that make them feel like anything’s possible!  My main goal was to take boring & ordinary baked goods that everyone loves and make them extraordinary by adding a touch of “Imagination”.  Now you have it!  That’s “in a nut shell” what Sweet Little Imaginations is all about!

I will be posting my newly re-invented menu & price list shortly.  Then you will really be opened up into my world of expression, art & what I love to call “edge”.

Sweet Little Imaginations, The Bakery With an Edge.

Bake Shop, Caterer, Customizable Gift Bakets & Party Entertainment.